Current Gachas - Storaxtree - Second Life

The  following are images of the current gachas available.  For more details and location information, join subscriber or in-world group, and read the most recent weekly sales info notecard.  This note card is also released twice weekly to the members of multiple sales groups.

 Bargain Gacha

This one is at Gacha Addiction location

last two are located at the main location on Blue Heron Island

There are a few 1L gachas for group only behind the group gifts.  These are filled with different china patterns in each unit, and over 50 pieces to collect of each pattern, to include: bowls, dishes, serving platters of many shapes, serving utensils, cake plates and platforms with covers, small covered bowls of a few different shapes, and much more.  All of the china patterns are unique to second life and created by Kate McLaglen.  (The stacked dishes gacha items are also unique and exclusive china patterns by Kate.)

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