New Curtains!!

Most of these curtains will be included in the weekly sales items deployment on August 6th.

I will be out of town from August 1st - August 5th for classes in Phoenix, AZ.

Newest Newness.. and a little info about StoraxTree Island

StoraxTree Island is on the Blue Heron Island SIM..  Blue Heron has been my home residential sim for the last 5 years.  Now I have converted it to a retail SIM for my RL sister and I to share for our businesses.  Loordes of London has opened the main store and it is nearly time for opening events to occur at StoraxTree.

StoraxTree will keep it's main store open in the Feeb's Rascal Street Mall Location, with the StoraxTree Island as an additional location.  The Island is larger and can display much more product and I have full control of every aspect of the location.  The all weekly sales programs, multi-store hunts and similar events will still take place at the Main Store on Feeb's.  The Island will feature StoraxTree in-store sales, hunts, and events.

Pure Contagion Sales Group also has a primary site on the island as well.  There is lots of room for this sales group to take off with even more awesome stuff.

On with the new stuff!!