New Releases 8/31

Horrorfest Hunt and Sale

Coming this October is the Horrorfest.  These are a couple Items I have made for the event.

Autumn Market Fair to benefit SPCA

 The Monkey Business Shelf will be sold at 5L
100% to charity
The Simple Elegance Auburn Chair w Basset Hound will be sold at 125L
100% to charity

These will be included in the exclusive products from StoraxTree for the AMF Event.  All sales will be donated to the SPCA.  Please donate through buying these cute products during the event. 

The Kollective - September

OK here it goes... the begining of the Retail Promotions Series of Products

This set will be sold at the Kollective Sales Room with the September Deployment.  The set will include a Vendor Stall with texture change accent piece and a Scripted Promotions Board.  Both OK copy.  It will be at the discounted price of 200L for the set.  A similar board is used in my store, if you would like to check out the quality in advance of the sale.  Similar huts are used for my island location.

Claudia Daxter created the photo image for this Marketing piece.

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