I am still here!

Yes, I has been a year since my last post.  The business is going great.  In fact I have reopened the Loordes of London shop (last August) and that is doing quite well also.  My point is I have been very busy making and selling.  Since my flickr has all the same images as I had been posting here and in FB... It seemed a bit of time wasted to put them in flickr, FB, and a blog.
 I wanted to see RL from time to time, so something had to go.  First I stopped placing pics here, then later on FB got a bit ignored.
I have to do a bit of catching up in marketplace, so I don't see me finding the time to blog, or FB in the near future.  Check out my flickr for new releases as they are made for both StoraxTree & Loordes of London.